Complex cultural differences enveloped this transaction involving multiple Brazilian entities with over 150 employees where only the executive team spoke English, and an American buyer. Rapid integration of all companies onto the buyer's operational systems and methodologies was critical to facilitate the growth envisioned by the transaction price


Acquirer: US Tech company > $100M
Target: Three Brazilian software companies, 10-25$M, 100 employees
Synergy: Foundation for growth in South America
Contract Type: Systems Integration, Project Management


  • Three distinct businesses purchases simultaneously multiplied integration complexity
  • Highly competitive bidding process
  • Disparate controls systems necessitated immediate migration to common systems, but all required localization


Contracted David van Toor to be on-site post-close for four months to manage and accelerate systems migration and adoption, including:

  • Execution of the integration plan
  • Systems design
  • Change management


100% adoption of all control systems including localized accounting and CRM within three months