Tango Card Acquisition of GiftCertificates.com

The acquisition of GiftCertificates.com by incentives leader Tango Card represented their first such transaction. By contracting David van Toor during the due diligence process and post-close as the on-site point of contact, Tango Card was able to develop and execute on a comprehensive plan that will deliver on the objectives of the transaction.


Acquirer: TangoCard.com, Seattle, B2B digital gift card provider >100 employees, high growth
Target: GiftCertificates.com, Omaha, Provider of physical and digital gift cards
Synergy: Physical card capabilities to augment Tango Cards' digital catalog, high-value customers, experienced and committed team
Contract Type: Due diligence project management, integration planning, post-close integration management


  • First acquisition for the Tango Card team
  • Revenue dynamics necessitated careful planning to ensure the financial assumptions of the transaction were realized


Contracted David van Toor to collaborate with Tango Card's leadership team to build a comprehensive integration plan, and move to Omaha post-close to ensure:

  • Execution of the integration plan
  • Change management


Complete integration of the acquired company's team members, processes and functions into Tango Card's standard operation procedures within 3 months of close.

What the customer said

Our core business was growing and scaling very well on its own when we were presented with an opportunity to acquire a similar company in our industry. The opportunity was compelling but I was concerned the acquisition could be a distraction, could dilute the laser focus we had, and might actually derail what was a super positive growth trajectory. Despite all of the experience our management team had, we had never completed the acquisition and integration of an entire company. As we became more serious about the acquisition, I wanted help from someone who had done this before that could help us successfully acquire and integrate a company and help us stay focused on a fast-growing core business. Through a board member, I was introduced to DvT and knew right away he would be a good fit for us. He had been through the process we were about to embark upon several times. Additionally, each time has been either in a different company, a different country, or a different culture. The result of this was that he had the knowledge, the experience, and the emotional intelligence and humility to engage successfully with my team and with the team we were acquiring. Realizing the value of the deal is the true challenge of an acquisition and DvT played a meaningful role for us in addressing this challenge from deal negotiation right through to revenue realization.

David Leeds

CEO & Founder, Tango Card